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All you ever dreamed

Title: All you ever dreamed

Pairing: Harry/Draco
Word count: 347
Rating: pg
Beta: neddiheht
Warnings: none
Disclaimer: Harry Potter, Draco Malfoy and the entire Harry Potter universe belong to J. K. Rowling and various others that have the right. No money is being made from this story.
Note: This is a translation of my story 'Tutto ciò che hai sempre sognato' from Italian to English. The original version can be find on the Italian web site “Nocturne Alley Fanfic”
Summary: Harry says why he loves Draco

When I met you again in Diagon Alley, in that Muggle dark suit, I noticed the confidence with which you moved gracefully through the Christmas confusion. I hadn't even realized that it was you, not until I met your gaze in the window of Madam Malkin's.

So handsome. You took my breath away.

When we go out together, I know that others see you like that. Because you are, undeniably.

For them, however, you're also detached, although attentive toward me. They can’t understand how I could choose you.

They don't know that with only a glance you understand my moods, that with just a joke, often caustic, you make me smile.

They don't know the tender care you give when we return from the victory celebration each year as I torment myself wrapped in your arms.

They haven’t wiped tears from your face when your father again turns his back on you because of me.

They can’t imagine your indulgence toward my shortcomings, my mistakes, nor the way you lower your gaze and hide your mouth when you smile, inappropriately amused, accordingly to those absurd social rules that were inculcated in your head.

The way you lean your face into my hand, closing your eyes and opening slightly your lips, when I come close to caress you.

The overwhelming passion that you're capable of. You are always so controlled, but the way you give yourself to me is without restraint.

The way you love me… that is a gift reserved only to me.

Harry looked up from the parchment as he finished reading, his gaze meeting teary eyes.

"Why here, now?"

Harry came close to his face, his voice a whisper. "Because I have been selfish not letting everyone know how special you are. Now they can understand why I love you. Are you angry?”

Around there was an unreal silence: a confused Ron, a smiling Hermione, Ginny and Blaise in a close embrace, Charlie paying a bet to George, and the dreamy Weasleys' spouses. Draco grinned at them all, then turned toward Harry to kiss him.


Awe This made me smile .. Absolutely gorgeous x
Thanks <3
This is simply lovely. <3
Thanks <3 <3